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We have a stunning range of ring styles to choose from to suit everyone. Each ring is made, shaped and finished to order before final engraving. All our engraving is carried out by hand using traditional methods.


Family crests are normally seal engraved in reverse so that they make a positive seal when pressed into wax. Monograms and cyphers are usually engraved in positive ‘for sight’ as you look at the ring. However please note that each one is made and engraved individually so we can usually assist with special requests.


We offer rings in Hallmarked 9 carat or 18 carat gold. Yellow gold is the most popular but we also create rings in white gold, rose gold and platinum.

Gold Oval Signet Ring

Oval Signet Rings

Cushion Signet Rings

Gemstone Signet Rings

The S&C Oval Signet Ring is a true original classic and our most popular shape.


We use the same dies which were originally crafted by hand in 1860 in London, so these rings are essentially the same timeless shape as those worn in the Victorian era.


They are the ‘proper’ generously shaped signet rings made to last for generations. These rings are definitely not the thin flat signets you so often find these days!


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The S&C Cushion Signet Rings have a larger, square looking face which gives slightly more area to engrave on.


The Cushion shapes are produced from high density stampings just like the ovals.


They are generally a little more substantial and weigh a bit more than the equivalent oval ring so if you want to make a real statement this is the one.


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Our Gemstone Signet Rings are exquisite and unrivalled. Available in classic oval shape or stylish cushion our beautifully shaped gold rings can be set with a choice of gemstones.


We offer black onyx, bloodstone and cornelian /carnelian gemstones as well as  lapis lazuli, blue/grey sardonyx, and red sardonyx.


Other precious stones such as amethyst and citrine are available but not for engraving.


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Gold Oval Signet Ring
Gold Cushion Signet Ring
Cornelian Gemstone Signet Ring

Looking for something else?

Every ring is made individually to order so we have the flexibility to be quite creative with the design and shape. Please call to discuss what you have in mind and we will help you achieve an original masterpiece!


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