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The S&C Oval Signet Ring is a true original classic.


We use the same dies which were originally crafted by hand in 1860 in London, so these rings are essentially the same timeless shape as those worn in the Victorian era.


They are the ‘proper’ generously shaped signet rings made to last for generations. These rings are definitely not the thin flat signets you so often find these days!

9 carat Oval Signet ring showing the superior shape supplied by Signets & Cyphers.

Example of a 9 carat Oval Signet ring showing the superior shape supplied by Signets & Cyphers.

Oval Signet Ring Examples

Here is a small portfolio of our work showing most of the variations of Oval Signet Ring you can have. 9 and 18 carat yellow gold is most popular. We can also make them in Rose Gold, White Gold and Platinum but please note these do take longer to produce.

Weight Options

Heavy Weight

For the ultimate quality, top of the range signet ring we recommend the heavy weight version. It has a thicker head to allow the deepest seal engraving of your crest. It also carries fuller shoulders sweeping around to a nicely curved “D” shaped band. It feels substantial and generous but does not look ‘over the top’ and gaudy.


Standard Weight

The Standard signet rings are the same shape as the heavyweight ones but with a slightly thinner head, less gold in the shoulders and a slightly flatter D shaped band. We recommend this weight for engraving monograms but it still is perfectly all right for seal engraving of a crest if you prefer the look and feel of a lighter ring.


It is important to stress that every ring is shaped by hand and each one is different depending on finger size but as a rule of thumb the heavy weight ring head is 1 – 1.5mm thicker than the standard. The heavy weight ring carries more gold in the shoulders and is thicker around the band. All dimensions and weights quoted can vary slightly depending on finger size.

Heavy weight gold oval signet ring. Profile shot

Heavy weight oval signet ring.

Standard weight gold oval signet ring. Profile shot.

Standard weight oval signet ring.

The Classic Oval shape - available in eight sizes

All our rings are more generous in shape and weight than most others you will find on the market. We do offer our oval range in both standard weight and heavy weight. This quick guide below is designed to help you find the right size of ring depending on your ringer size and preference. However please contact us so we can recommend the best ring for you.

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