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Cufflinks Overview

For over 20 years we have been on a mission to create the highest quality, strong cufflinks in the traditional style.


To provide those classic twin oval gold cufflinks we used to know of old. Indeed our quest started about 20 years ago over the loss of a favourite pair of cufflinks. Actually to be precise it was just one link that was lost due to a weak chain link.


My antique style links had been passed down through the family from an esteemed forbear. The ovals were lovely thick sectioned links and the chains were fairly substantial but obviously not strong enough as the chain parted during a black- tie occasion and the link was lost and consequently the pair was rendered useless forever!


I then decreed to reproduce the style of classic oval cufflinks but give them stronger chains in order to give the links the ultimate strength I discovered that the only way was to hand make the chains in gold, llink by link so that they never break!


Thus our unique S&C twin oval cufflinks were created - classically refined but with extra heavy duty handmade gold chain!

A Timeless Present...

We make our cufflinks in 9 and 18ct yellow gold and Sterling Silver. We can make them in white gold or platinum but this does take significantly longer. They are just perfect for special occasions; we can engrave with initials, monograms or crests complete with the date of the special day.


Offered in three thicknesses; 1.2mm, 1.5mm and 2mm thick with substantial and strong chains. These heavy weight traditional cufflinks are made to order in any shade of gold and Sterling silver.


You can have them Monogrammed on the two outer ovals and have a date engraved on the inner ovals.




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