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We like to think of ourselves as ‘Family Jewellers’ in a modern context. We have been supplying finest quality signet rings and family jewellery to discerning customers since 1992. In the past you might have visited the jeweller in your local town who would advise you on all matters. Sadly this concept of a ‘family jeweller’ has somewhat lapsed so at Signets and Cyphers we aim to fill this gap and provide a fully advisory family jewellery service for this day and age.


You may think that choosing a ring from a distance is difficult thing but we have been supplying a direct service for over 20 years and have developed a reassuring system of consultation backed up by sending you all manner of information including a ring finger ‘sizer’. We will give you all the advice you need to make the correct decision regarding size, shape and suitability, heraldry and etiquette. In 20 years of supplying hundreds of rings we have rarely had anyone who has not been delighted with our service.


Although our shop front is a website, this does not mean we are anonymous and conduct our business at arm’s length. We are keen to communicate with our customers to get a real understanding of their requirements, and therefore be as helpful as possible. We respect that most people are very busy these days so email is often the quickest way, but sometimes you can’t beat a phone call to ensure we all understand each other.


We are proud to be ‘old-school’ where our word is our bond and qualities like trust, good service, attention to detail and a sense of duty to the individual customer is all important.

Please do have a look at our website that shows many of our past commissions. We hope to hear from you and please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions.


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